WPA, WLIC Remind Pork Producers PIN Tag Deadline is January 1

The Wisconsin Pork Association (WPA) and Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC) would like to remind pork producers Jan. 1, 2015 is the deadline for applying premises identification number (PIN) tags to breeding stock animals going to harvest.  The pork industry is moving away from backtags to the use of official, USDA-approved ear tags. 

PIN tags must be applied on the farm to individual breeding swine being marketed into harvest channels to link the animal to the sending premises. PIN tags are not required for feeder pigs, growers or market hogs.  Because of the improved retention of these tags on breeding stock, pre-harvest traceability will be enhanced and better satisfy requirements from domestic and international customers. The PIN tag will improve industry-supported swine disease surveillance programs and enhance our ability to detect and contain diseases more quickly.

To date, packers that will require the tags include: Johnsonville, Hillshire Brands, Calihan Pork Processors, Bob Evans Farms, Wampler’s Farm Sausage, Pine Ridge Farms, Pioneer Packing Co., Pork King Packing and Abbyland Pork Pack.  Pork producers are encouraged to visit with their marketing channels to determine if they will require PIN tags for breeding stock.

For more on the breeding stock PIN tag requirements, go to http://www.pork.org/programs-and-events/swine-id/pin-tag/

Tag Details
Wisconsin pork producers can get their PIN tags from a number of providers who work cooperatively with WLIC on the Identifying WisconsinTM branded tag program.  To order PIN tags, please contact one of the distributors below and request the Identifying WisconsinTM PIN tags.  Producers must have their 7-digit premises identification number available when calling to order tags.  (Note – your Wisconsin Livestock Premises Code, found on your Wisconsin Livestock Premises Registration Card, is a national PIN.) 

Animart – 1-800-255-1181
Leedstone (formerly Stearns Vet Supply) –  1-877-608-3877
MWI Vet Supply – 1-800-824-3703

For more information, contact the Wisconsin Pork Association at 1-800-822-7675 or Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium at 1-888-808-1910.