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NEW! The Wisconsin Raised program features pork products that been raised and/or processed in Wisconsin. For more information on how to participate, contact WPA at wppa@wppa.org or call the state office at 608-723-7551.




November 10, 2023

The Wisconsin Pork Associations is looking for college students who have a vested interest in the swine industry and want…

November 9, 2023

LANCASTER, WI- The Wisconsin Pork Association (WPA) is once again offering Youth Pig Project scholarships. These scholarships are designed to…

October 30, 2023

LANCASTER, WI- The Wisconsin Pork Association will once again be kicking off the holiday season withthe “Give-a-Ham” social media campaign…

About Wisconsin Pork Association

The mission of the Wisconsin Pork Association is to promote and protect the state’s pork industry in order to ensure its success now and in the future.

The Wisconsin Pork Association is the primary source for representing the state’s pork industry, known for its commitment to enhancing the success of all sizes and types of production in the state, as well as that of the businesses that support those producers.

Photo Courtesy of the National Pork Board, Des Moines, Iowa.