Wisconsin Raised

Our goal is providing consumers with fresh, quality pork.

Wisconsin Pork Association has launched a program to support the state’s pork farmers and processors.  It is called Wisconsin Raised.  The program features pork products where the product has been raised in Wisconsin and/or processed in Wisconsin.  There are key specifics to participating in the program. 

How to participate?

  • Current PQA Plus Certification and Site Assessment
  • Transporters hauling pork from the farming operation have a current TQA certification
  • Farmers are enrolled in the Swine Health Improvement Program
  • Farmers are participating in the Sustainability Program
  • Each load will be required to have a bill of lading and signed farmer affidavit that the producer has met all requirements.  Farmers are subject to random third-party verification. 
  • State or federal inspection facility – must provide license number
  • Signed affidavit to meet Wisconsin Raised protocols to segregate product
  • Use of Wisconsin Raised logo
  • Processors are subject to random third-party verification

For more information on how to participate: Contact WPA at or call the state office at 608-723-7551.