Pork is full of flavor & easy to prepare!

  • Pork is versatile.
  • Pork is easy & delicious.
  • The safe internal pork cooking temperature for fresh cuts is 145 degrees F.

Pork is good for me and my family!

  • Pork brings families together to create real, lasting memories.
  • Pork creates meals you feel good about feeding your family. Pork is a great source of key nutrients, it’s heart-healthy, and has a lot of lean options.

Pork is Raised by Real Farmers on Farms in Wisconsin.

  • Pork is affordable.
  • Pork is raised with passion, care, a desire to feed the world.
  • You are supporting farm families when buying pork from a local butcher shop or grocery store! 


Over the last 50 years, the way we raise pigs has changed. Advancements in farming methods, technology and economics have significantly transformed farming. Yet one thing remains constant for farmers: our mission to produce safe, nutritious food in a responsible manner. On farms large and small, our livelihoods are tied to the land and to the health of animals in our care. We realize that raising healthy pigs by using good farming practices results in safe, high-quality products. As providers in the food supply chain, farmers understand the need to assure everyone that we uphold high standards and continuously strive to be better. This is increasingly important as we seek to promote a better understanding between pig farmers and those less familiar with agriculture. We take pride in the progress we have made so far, and we are working hard every day to be transparent about how pigs are raised and demonstrate that we operate our farms responsibly.

Like its predecessor, the new award program focuses on on-farm proficiency in a variety of areas that directly affect sustainability, which includes areas such preservation of water, air and soil quality. However, the new program also is more holistic in that it uses the We Care ethical principles at its core, which focus on: 

  • Producing safe food
  • Protecting and promoting animal well-being
  • Ensuring practices to protect public health
  • Safeguarding natural resources in all of our practices
  • Providing a work environment that is safe and consistent with our other ethical principles
  • Contributing to a better quality of life in our communities
We Care - Logo

Photo Courtesy of the National Pork Board, Des Moines, Iowa.