Swine & Pork Industry Educational Resource Guide

This guide is intended for use by anyone that is interested in learning about the swine industry. It includes a variation of resources that address all aspects of the swine industry including: Animal health, biosecurity, nutrition, sustainability, and more.

FCS Mini-Grants

The Wisconsin Pork Association has created a program offering mini-grants for Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) teachers. Wisconsin FCS teachers may apply for $50 mini-grants. Grant funds must be used for the purchase of fresh pork (no bacon, ham, or sausage type processed products) for classroom/lab food experiences.

Virtual Farm Tour

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a real pig barn looks like? Then this tour is for you! This 5-minute tour takes you on a comprehensive tour of a modern pig farm.

Destination Pork

Destination pork is a comprehensive curriculum designed to expose and interest high school students in pork industry jobs and career opportunities.

Educational Resources

CLassroom Resources

Wisconsin Pork Association provides a variety of classroom resources for student K-12. 

Lesson Plans

We provide classroom lesson plans that will promote the benefits of pork in a balanced diet. The plans include teacher and student files, game simulations, lab plans, and more to make learning about nutrition exciting.

Virtual Field Trip

The Wisconsin Pork Association invites your classroom to participate in a FREE virtual field trip to a pig farm. This one-of-a-kind experience will help students learn more about pigs, pork, and life on the farm.

Pig Farming Videos

Have you ever wondered where your pork products come from? How are pigs raised? Are pigs cramped inside those crates? What’s inside of those big, long buildings? What is biosecurity ad why can’t I just go into a barn whenever I want to? Click on the video links below for answers to all of your questions!