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Educators know the importance of teaching students about maintaining a nutritious and balanced diet. Wisconsin Pork Association (WPA) and Minnesota Pork Board teamed up with Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) teachers to create four new classroom lesson plans that will promote the benefits of pork in a balanced diet. The plans include teacher and student files, ProStart objectives, game simulations, lab plans, project assessments, and more information to make learning about nutrition exciting.

The lesson plans are created for a variety of grade levels, starting with middle school and going through to culinary arts classes. From organizing recipe steps to safe food preparation, standardizing recipes, and hands-on labs, these materials are student and teacher friendly and field tested by Wisconsin Family and Consumer Sciences teachers.

Each lesson plan was created using the principles of the We Care initiative. The We Care program is a promise to the public, that America’s pig farmers are committed to responsible and ethical animal agriculture. These principles ensure providing safe and nutritious food, raising healthy animals that produce quality food for consumers, utilizing practices to protect public health, and contributing to a better quality of life in our communities. For more information about We Care, visit

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