2015 Youth Pig Project Scholarships

The Wisconsin Pork Association Youth Committee is offering Youth Pig Project scholarships, designed to assist 4-H and FFA members in establishing swine projects that can lead to development of life skills and career opportunities in the Wisconsin pork industry.


4-H and FFA youth are eligible to apply for a $50.00 scholarship used to offset costs associated with their 2015 pig project. Up to ten $50.00 scholarships will be awarded. Age divisions are as follows: Ages 9-12, 13-15, and 16-19 (as of January 1, 2015). 


In the application, youth must provide project goals for the year; PQA and/or MAQA certification date; a simple project budget; future goals and how they relate to the pork industry; and “why should the WPA select you for the scholarship.” To receive a copy of the application, please contact the WPA office at 1-800-822-7675 or download the application here.


Interested youth must complete and mail the Youth Pig Project application form no later than Feb 1, 2015, to: WPA, P.O. Box 327, Lancaster, WI 53813.  Youth who receive a scholarship will be asked to complete a follow-up questionnaire after their project year is complete.

In addition, Wisconsin Pork Association is teaming up with show pig producers from across the state of Wisconsin to make this program even more beneficial. In addition to the $50.00 scholarship awarded by WPA, scholarship recipients may also be eligible to receive a buying credit from a cooperating Wisconsin producer. Producers interested in helping sponsor this program can contact WPA for additional details.

The Wisconsin Pork Association’s mission is to insure the future success of the Wisconsin pork industry. WPA represents the interests of the pork industry members with a strong emphasis on social issues, public and government policies, environment, animal welfare and safety.