WPA Donates Pork to Families in Need

Over 1,000 Wisconsin families will be enjoying delicious pork this holiday season as a result of a donation from the Wisconsin Pork Association (WPA). This week, WPA board members began distributing pork loin roasts to food banks throughout the state. In total, nearly 2500 pounds of pork will be distributed to families in need throughout the holiday season.

WPA coordinated the pork donation and delivery with Natural Food Holdings, which donated the freight cost for delivering the pork. All 2500 pounds of pork arrived at Second Harvest of Southern Wisconsin on Tuesday, and approximately 1600 pounds will be distributed through their mobile food pantry program over the next two weeks. The remainder was delivered to various food pantries throughout the state by WPA board members.

“Wisconsin’s pig farmers, and pig farmers throughout the nation, realize the importance of being good neighbors and giving back to our communities” said Jim Magolski, WPA President. “This donation is just one way we can show we care about the people in our communities and improving the quality of life for those in need, especially during the holiday season.”

The WPA Board encourages other pig farmers and industry businesses to also donate pork products to their local food bank or families in need this holiday season as part of the National Pork Board’s #HamsAcrossAmerica campaign. This program began last year as a way for pig farmers to show their appreciation to others by ‘paying it forward’ with a donation of ham or other pork products. Now in its second year, the #HamsAcrossAmerica program encourages everyone, not just pig farmers, to participate in the season of generosity by donating or gifting ham and other pork products.

If you choose to make a pork donation, be sure to post a photo of your donation to the Wisconsin Pork Association Facebook page, www.facebook.com/wipork, or tag @wipork in your page post and remember to use #HamsAcrossAmerica.

The Wisconsin Pork Association’s mission is to insure the future success of the Wisconsin pork industry. WPA represents the interests of the pork industry members with a strong emphasis on social issues, public and government policies, environment, animal welfare and safety.