Pork Leadership Institute

What is the Program?

Pork Leadership Institute

The NPPC and the NPB have kicked off the 2023 class of Pork Leadership Institute (PLI), a jointly funded and organized training curriculum designed to develop future leaders for the U.S. pork industry. The year-long program consists of five learning sessions running from February to November.

Selected participants are taught the legislative and regulatory processes, the importance of international trade, the roles of the national pork organizations and their state pork associations, and the issues facing producers. They also are trained to be spokespeople for the pork industry and grassroots activists and will be able to disseminate pro-active, targeted messages about the industry.

“PLI is vital to the success of pork producers because it develops knowledgeable advocates for the pork industry and, most importantly, future industry leaders,” said Bryan Humphreys, NPPC CEO. “PLI graduates can tell the pork industry’s story from main street to our nation’s capital. It’s a great program that every pork producer should consider participating in.”

Pork producers are nominated for PLI. NPPC and NPB will have staff working closely with state pork association executives, our field representatives and past PLI participants to identify key individuals. Each year, approximately 18 producers are selected to participate in the program.

Applications are due back by November 18, 2022.

If you are interested, please contact Keri Retallick at kretallick@wppa.org for application and more details.