Petrowski Receives WPA Public Service Award

Each year, the Wisconsin Pork Association (WPA) presents the Distinguished Public Service Award, which recognizes a legislator who provides outstanding support to the pork industry. Senator Jerry Petrowski was presented the award recently by the Wisconsin Pork Association Board of Directors.

Senator Petrowski has been a great leader for Wisconsin farmers in the Wisconsin Legislature since he was first elected to the State Assembly in 1998. Because he is a farmer himself, he truly understands the needs of the farming community.

Legislators from both parties value his leadership and knowledge on agricultural issues, which include the following bills this session:

  • Authoring legislation that further clarifies the framework for farm implements to be operated legally on Wisconsin roads (Implements of Husbandry legislation).
  • Authoring legislation to establish that local governments can allow piping of manure in road right of ways.
  • Continuing to support additional truck weights during harvest months, including legislation that extends the harvest period from August through December each year.
  • Legislation to allow the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System to sell or lease agricultural land without the approval of the Building Commission.

The Wisconsin Pork Association’s mission is to insure the future success of the Wisconsin pork industry. WPA represents the interests of the pork industry members with a strong emphasis on social issues, public and government policies, environment, animal welfare and safety.